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Orrin Woodward LIFE Leadership
Sunday, May 20, 2012
Orrin Woodward, Amway/Quixtar, & Amthrax Scam

Orrin Woodward, Amway/Quixtar Drones and Amthrax Lies

Dan Hawkins , Claude Hamilton, Tim Marks, and Eric Blomdahl have exposed the anonymous Amway drones distortions, fallacies, and outright lies by shining light upon the facts and comparing them to the drones dishonest drivel. Why would an an alleged former Amway/Amthrax failure attack a business he admits to never being a part of unless some ulterior motive lies behind it?

Dan Hawkins’ four point summary is enough to settle the factual debate. Clearly, if what Orrin Woodward said was incorrect, then why did a California judge recently issue a settlement order on issues similar to what Orrin pointed out to Doug DeVos in his letter over five years earlier?

Furthermore, why would Amway/Quixtar fork out nearly $100 million dollars to settle a frivolous case? In fact, with such newsworthy items available, why are the Amway drones still smearing Orrin for leaving Amway/Quixtar instead of studying the legal/business ramifications of a Federal Judge ordering Amway to reduce its prices? Orrin suggested the same thing to Doug free-of-charge in 2005. Maybe the judge was onto something

Since the disingenuous Amway drones seem to smear anyone who disagrees with their beloved Amway/Quixtar, what could possibly be their next strategy; smear the honorable judge for ruling against their arbitration provisions, calling into question his leadership abilities and judicial track record? A better policy for the Amway drones might be to return to their masters and admit that their anonymous smear campaign directed against all former associates has lost its last ounce of credibility.

The Amway drones, instead of bogus smear campaigns against the courageous whistleblowers, ought to suggest real ideas for improvement to the Amway business. After all, isn’t that what Rich Devos's book Compassionate Capitalism is all about - compassion to let people freely leave and capitalism to not fear honest competiton?

There are, in truth, only two ways to have the highest building in town. One, is to build your buildings higher and the other is to tear everyone else’s buildings down. LIFE has chosen to build their own buildings higher and encourages the Amway drones to do the same with their company.

Go in peace and may the best company win in the free-enterprise system that both organizations profess to love.

Posted by OrrinWoodward at 2:47 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, June 26, 2012 8:18 AM EDT
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